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Pocari Sweat

POCARI SWEAT is a health drink that contains a balance of ions (electrolytes) that resembles the natural fluid balance in the human body. Quickly and easily replenishes the water and ions that your body needs, and quenches every part of you.


BRAND'S is one of the leading providers of health, beauty and wellness supplements in Asia.
With our strong heritage in scientific research and commitment to quality, BRANDS® brings you the inherent goodness nature has to offer for the modern lifestyle.

Golden Resourses

The Golden Resources Group has achieved the pre-eminent position of being the largest wholesaler and distributor within the Hong Kong rice industry. An on-going commitment to quality is reflected in the Group is the first company within the rice industry to be awarded the distinctive and distinguished "Q Mark" known as the official symbol of high quality of Hong Kong.

Shanghai Maling Food

Shanghai Maling Food Co.,Ltd. grows out of Shanghai Maling Canned Food Factory specializing in the process of Maling brand canned food in Chinese and Western style, various kinds of convenient foods and a range of seasoning sauces etc.

Blue Nun

BLUE NUN WORLD - With a history going back 400 years, Blue Nun is one of the most important brand name wines outside Germany. Today, Blue Nun represents wines from the heart of Germany and other well-known wine regions.. State-of-the-art cellar technology is the guarantee of consistently high quality.


SAUTAO founded in 1960 in Hong Kong by Mr. Cheng Yiu Pang, Sun Shun Fuk Foods. Ltd. (Sun Shun Fuk) is one of the most leading food suppliers in Hong Kong with an extensive range of products covering more than 100 countries worldwide.

Old Town

Old Town white coffee is a leading brand name for white coffee in Malaysia and significantly bring the Malaysia White Coffee to internationally.


Okamoto Industries Inc. was established in 1934, one of the famous condom manufacturers in the world. The headquarters are situated in Tokyo, Japan. The research and development centre (R&D) and manufacturing plants are located in 3 major cities in Japan, Shizuoka, Ibaraki, and Fukushima.

Cosmetics & Beauty


SASSOU in the Japanese language means “free & breezy from heaviness” (サッソウ) , which has been the spirit and motto behind the formulation of each product that gives light and relaxed feeling after use while offering noticeable skin benefits.
With over 50-year experience in developing effective skincare formulation with ingredients such as natural plant extracts and premium gold leaves, SASSOU was born with the commitment to bringing the very best and traditional Japanese skincare philosophy into each product.

Nion Beauty

NION BEAUTY Kinetic Skin Cleansing® System uses gentle vibrations to remove dirt and break up impurities. Gliding effortlessly across your skin, Nion skincare products.

Pet Care


From the powerful cleaning action of GREENIES Canine Dental Treats to the simple-to-use GREENIES™ PILL POCKETS™ TreatsEach is designed to provide unique benefits and irresistible taste, making oral care and medicating solutions easy and effective for pets. 


CESAR® brand's mission is to provide food that your furry best friend will love, made with the nutrition and quality every dog deserves. Our delicious recipes and a range of options make it easy to make time for each other. No matter what recipe you choose, it's the perfect way to make their day.


Whiskas is a brand of cat food sold internationally. It is owned by the American company Mars, Incorporated. It is available either as meat-like pieces in cans, pouches, or dry biscuits. Most packaging has a recognisable purple color and a stylized silhouette of a cat's head.


With TEMPTATIONS Treats for Cats Classic Feline Favorites, your kitty can choose from Tasty Chicken Flavor, Seafood Medley Flavor, Creamy Dairy Flavor and Tempting Tuna Flavor. Plus, at only 2 calories per treat, your feline friend can enjoy the crunchy outside and smooth, creamy center anytime.


The SHEBA® Brand believes that cats are truly special creatures. We admire, relate to and love giving in to the effortlessly elegant and confident feline spirit. That’s why everything we do is about passionately promoting the appreciation of cats everywhere, and why we design gorgeous food and treats to seduce their ever so discerning senses.


PetzUp is the perfect health supplement for your dogs. Though aging is a normal process of life, if we can give proper attention and take preventive measure to protect our loved dogs, they could live longer, healthier and happier.


PetAg, Inc. has been the leader in advancing the science of animal nutrition for over 80 years. Pioneered the animal milk replacement category with Esbilac® for Puppies and KMR® for Kittens, the #1 selling milk replacers.


The HUNTER Company is a tradition-based enterprise, which has specialized in the production of high-quality leather articles for dogs, cats and horses since being founded in 1980. Product line ranges from leashes, leads and collars made of leather and nylon to muzzles, harnesses, obedience training collars, cushioned cuddly houses, beds and pillows, up to and including clothing, toiletries and automobile safety belt restraining harnesses.

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